IMG_0027Hi, and welcome to the New Testament Studies website.


My name is Chris and I work at Boston College as the assistant editor of New Testament Abstracts (NTA), a journal that provides brief summaries of journal articles and books for New Testament scholars. (NTA covers over 1500 journal articles and 600 books each year!) I also teach New Testament at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministy.

Because of my job at Boston College, I get to see the latest scholarship on the NT and help train the next generation of scholars, clergy, and church leaders. I decided to make this website because it is challenging to keep up with what is being published on the New Testament, especially for pastors and church leaders.

I have one goal for this site: to help readers interested in the New Testament stay up to date on the latest scholarship. As you will see, the scholarship discussed on this site is not limited to a single Christian denomination or tradition. In fact, many of the scholars discussed here do not identify as Christians and are not religious at all. Rather they are interested in the New Testament's value as a historical or religious text. My hope is that by having access to what NT scholars are talking about, those interested in New Testament scholarship, especially pastors and church leaders, will be able to understand and teach the New Testament better.

I hope you enjoy the site!