Gorman, Scripture and Its Interpretation

Cover Art

Michael Gorman (editor)

Scripture and It’s Interpretation: A Global, Ecumenical Introduction to the Bible (Grand Rapids: Backer Academic, 2017), $34.99 (Amazon)

Publisher’s Summary:

Top-notch biblical scholars from around the world and from various Christian traditions offer a fulsome yet readable introduction to the Bible and its interpretation. The book concisely introduces the Old and New Testaments and related topics and examines a wide variety of historical and contemporary interpretive approaches, including African, African-American, Asian, and Latino streams. Questions for reflection and discussion, an annotated bibliography, and a glossary are included.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Bible
1. The Bible: A Book, a Library, a Story, an Invitation
Paul P. Zilonka and Michael J. Gorman
2. The Setting: Biblical Geography, History, and Archaeology
Karen J. Wenell
3. The Scriptures of Israel (The Christian Old Testament)
Claire Mathews McGinnis
4. The Writings of the New Covenant (The New Testament)
Michael J. Gorman
5. Significant Noncanonical Writings
Christopher W. Skinner
6. From Books to Library: The Formation of the Biblical Canons
Michael W. Holmes
7. From There to Here: The Transmission and Translation of the Bible
Michael L. Barré
Part 2: The Interpretation of the Bible in Various Traditions and Cultures
8. The Reception of the Bible and Its Significance
Christine E. Joynes
9. Premodern Interpretation of the Bible
Carole Monica C. Burnett
10. Modern and Postmodern Methods of Biblical Interpretation
Joel B. Green
11. Theological Interpretation of the Bible
Stephen Fowl
12. Protestant Biblical Interpretation
Michael J. Gorman
13. Roman Catholic Biblical Interpretation
Ronald D. Witherup
14. Orthodox Interpretation of Scripture
Edith M. Humphrey
15. Pentecostal Biblical Interpretation / Spirit Hermeneutics
Craig S. Keener
16. African Biblical Interpretation
Bungishabaku Katho
17. African American Biblical Interpretation
C. Anthony Hunt
18. Latino/Latina Biblical Interpretation
M. Daniel Carroll R.
19. Asian and Asian American Biblical Interpretation
K. K. Yeo
Part 3: The Bible and Contemporary Christian Existence
20. The Bible and Spirituality
Patricia Fosarelli and Michael J. Gorman
21. Scripture and Christian Ethics: Embodying Pentecost
Brent Laytham
22. The Bible and Politics
Christopher Rowland
23. Scripture and Christian Community
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
24. The Bible and Christian Mission
N. T. Wright

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